Caffeine: Espresso vs Drip coffee.
Caffeine: Espresso vs Drip coffee.

Picture yourself every morning with your fresh cup of coffee, and then asking out of the blue if that coffee has got more caffeine that the ones you drink at the coffee shop, or what about the different types of coffee beverages or methods to brew this precious liquid, is there any difference? We will be taking a first look over this topic so you can have a clear answer to those questions about your coffee cup.

There is a common believe that an espresso has usually more caffeine than any other brewed coffee, and people tend to think that because of the strong flavor it has got, but this isn’t actually the case, since the caffeine amount will depend on the extraction time, for instance, a single cup of dripped coffee may be done in a 2-3 minutes extraction meanwhile an espresso will be brewed in no more than 30 seconds, as a result an espresso will have around 63mg in 1oz and a dripped coffee will be around 12-16mg per oz. resulting in a cup (8oz) with an average of 112mg of caffeine per drink.

Our medium high roast Black

Don´t forget, that if you like dark roasts you will be having more caffeine than when drinking lighter roasts coffee, as for example our Black coffee blend is developed to be the a nice balance between chocolate and sugar cane with a medium high roast, which ended up more caffeinated than the Golden one, a sweeter, softer coffee with a medium roast, a little bit lower in caffeine but worth the try.

Golden medium roast

That being said, would be clear to state that if you are looking for a caffeine punch, you should rather go for a regular coffee cup than an espresso, but if you want to get as much caffeine in a small coffee shot, then an espresso would be the best way to go.

Remember that health professionals as the Mayo Clinic on the US recommend to keep your caffeine levels no further than 400mg a day, and caffeine consumption should be lowered in the case of pregnancy and in kids or teenagers.

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