How to: Making Cold brew Coffee.
How to: Making Cold brew Coffee.

Cold brew is a new trend that is taking over the new coffee wave and even the cocktails world, but this beverage can also be made at home with your favorite beans or just buy it ready to drink on the nearest coffee shop. The truth is that there is nothing like drinking from the coffee you are used to and be able to ratio you drink to your own taste, that is why we would recommend you giving it a try on making cold brew at home, and try with all the beans you want, from the Black or Golden to the Reserve seasonal coffee that we have ready for you.

Fortunately there are different ways to make Cold brew, and we will explain it to you.


Do you have a French press? Well there you have one of the methods to make your cold brew at home.

  • Get your coffee grinded, do it a little coarse as if you were making a French press get some filtered water and you are ready to go.
  • You will find the best ratio coffee-water for your taste but we recommend a 1:5 (1gr of coffee for every 5ml of water) e.g. If you have a small French press you can go for

70gr of coffee and 350ml (11,8oz) of water and so on, you can do as much as you want.

If you decide to go for a Trinitario Coffee, there plenty options for you, from the dark chocolate coffee to a sweeter exotic seasonal bean.

Cold brew on ice
  1. Combine coffee and water, stir and cover it with the plunger but don’t plunge it yet.
  2. Let it extract for the next 12 to 15 hours. (We recommend you to place the French press on a fresh environment or in your fridge)
  3. Press the plunger slowly and bottle it somewhere else, you can also filter this coffee with a piece of clean cloth or a regular coffee filter to avoid dirtiness or tiny coffee grounds on your drink.

"Stirr, cover and let it extract from 12 to 15 hours"

Be creative!

Drink with, water, milk or soda.

Other way to go would be just using the piece of cloth and mixing the coffee and water on a bottle that you have at home, it would be a little bit messier but will ended up on a good and also tasty result.

Remember you can try as different coffee beans as you want since it is your own recipe, an also feel free to use the ratio that fits better to your taste.

ENJOY! Keep an eye for future recipes including Cold Brew

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